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Snapless Fitted Diaper MTO

Snapless Fitted Diaper MTO

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All MTO items have a 4-week TAT.

Made of bamboo French terry and bamboo fleece making these extra absorbent and extra stretchy!

All come with 3 layers, Bamboo French terry outer and bamboo fleece hidden layer

Come with a trifold (with black & grey stitching to indicate absorbency) and updated larger matching booster, 2 layers of bamboo French terry. 

Newborn approx 6-14 lbs based on build

Petite approx 8-20lbs based on build

One Size Approx 8-40 lbs based on build

Toddler - Approx 20 up to 50-75 lbs based on build

*Heavy Wetter will add an additional layer of bamboo fleece to the trifold and booster for the OS and Toddler ONLY and is a separate item, please be sure to add Spring/Summer Pre-order HEAVY WETTER CONVERSION to cart as an upgrade*

All MTO items have a 4-week TAT. 
All MTO items are subject to availability. Fabric available in limited quantities. If for any reason the fabric you selected runs out at time of check out, we will issue a refund for items affected  


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